DCJC Cheer squads took home two first places and one second place at the USA Regional Qualifier, December 14th at St. Mary's College!

8U took home 1st place

12U took home 2nd place

14U took home 1st place

14U also qualified for Nationals at Disneyland in February 2015

Come out and support our DCJC Cheer squads at the next competition. It will be right here at our Del Campo High School, January 10th!

Congratulations DCJC CHEER


2014 Registration Fees

Capital Valley - Division III


Football Registration: **$250.00**

The price includes one jersey and football gear (7-pad set, girdle, mouth piece) and gear that needs to be returned (additional jersey, helmet, shoulder pads, pants, belt, chin strap
and bag).

Fundraising options are offered.


Cheer Registration:  **$250.00**

The price includes a spirit pack (t-shirt, shorts, and hair bow), Del Campo High School clinic, and the SYF mandatory league competition. 

Fundraising options are offered, and participation is encouraged for BOTH the regular season and competition season.


Cheer Uniform Fees (new cheerleaders):  **$300.00**

For new cheerleaders, you will need to purchase a uniform. The uniform includes a shell, skirt, liner, briefs, and shoes. Uniform fitting days will be announced, and uniform payment will be due at the time of the fitting and will be payable directly to the vendor, Varsity. Uniforms ordered after the fitting date may result in additional fees.

Parent Deposit: **$50.00**

All parents are required to pay a $50.00 parent volunteer deposit. The deposit shall be returned at the season year-end party if your parent hours are completed, all of your equipment is returned, and you participate in the mandatory fundraising. You may also opt-out of your parent volunteer obligations and fundraising for the year. The cost of the opt-out is $100.


Parent Deposit:  **$50.00**

All parents are required to pay a $50.00 parent volunteer deposit. The deposit shall be returned at the season year-end party if your parent hours are completed and you participate in the mandatory fundraising. You may also opt-out of your parent volunteer obligations and fundraising for the year. The cost of the opt-out is $100.

Cheer Warm-ups (Optional):  **$150.00**

Warm-ups will be made available for purchase. Warm-ups will include a jacket and pants.

Starter Pack: **$40.00**

All first year players are required to purchase a starter pack. The starter pack includes a practice jersey and shorts.

Competition Season Fees (Optional):  **$350.00**

Competition season typically runs from November to March. With a paid fee, you will be able to compete at 2-3 Regional USA Cheer Competitions to qualify for USA Nationals at Disneyland. Entrance fees to the park for a 1-day Hopper pass will be included, along with a sweatshirt and hair bow. 

During competition season you will incur additional spectator fees and travel costs. Fundraising options will be available should you want to participate. 


Once you have completed the online registration portion, you will need to come into one of the walk-in registrations and make your payment. Please note that you can also raise money to offset the cost of your registration. Details and arrangements can be made at any one of the walk-in dates and times. Practices don't start until July. DCJC does not offer up PayPal or any online payments at this time. All deposits and fees will need to be paid prior to the start of the season. DCJC will only accept cash, money order, credit and/or debit cards (a 3% fee will be added for use of cards) for the 2014 season. No personal checks will be accepted. Please check the calendar for walk-in dates and times, there is two every month. 

**Cost of registration covers administrative fees, operation cost, upgrades, maintenance, re-certification of equipment and replacement, insurance, game days, uniform replacement, filing fees, facility usage usage fees, video services, field lining, trophies, medals, special events, USA fees, SYF fees, SYF compliance of mandatory background checks of all board members, committee members, and coaches. DCJC board and committee members receive no monetary compensation with the exception of a $50.00 discount towards registration fees. Coaches receive a minimal $25.00 discount. DCJC is a 100% volunteer program. DCJC is a non-for-profit organization. The men and women comprised of the DCJC board, committees, and their families have committed themselves and time to you, your children, and the community.  

Del CampoJr. Cougars

Bradshaw ChristianJr. Pride

Capital ChristianJr. Cougars

Casa Roble Jr. Rams

CenterJr. Cougars

Christian BrothersJr. Falcons

El DoradoJr. Cougars

Colfax Jr. Falcons

Union MineJr. Miners

Congrats to our Shrine Bowl Football Players

Levi Markey & Zyan Ferguson!

Two of our very own DCJC FOOTBALL players joined the team from California and traveled to Florida to participate in the California vs. Florida Shrine Bowl game. Yes, California won! Congratulations on being selected and great game!

USA Football

Endowed by the NFL and NFLPA in 2002, USA Football is the official youth football development partner of the NFL, its 32 teams and the NFL Players Association and manages U.S. national teams for international competition. USA Football is an independent 501-c-3 non-profit organization that leads the development of the game through educational programs and innovative resources.

Link to website:


Sacramento Youth Football

Sacramento Youth Football (“SYF”) is a privately organized league, the purpose of which is to, among other things, facilitate, manage, and establish bylaws, rules, guidelines, conferences and divisions for youth football and cheer associations/clubs and their teams in the greater Sacramento area. DCJC is part of the SYF league.

Link to website:


Heads Up Football


Education is the first step to help players lessen the chance for concussion.

Coaches and parents should know what to look for on and off the field and encourage everyone to learn the signs and symptoms of concussion. Topics include:

  • What is a Concussion?
  • Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion
  • What to do When a Concussion Occurs 

Link to website:

Report From the


Curious about how your registration fees align to the budget? Where is your money being spent? What about every dollar that is paid at the front gate... 

Click here to view the report for the 2014 Season.

November 15, 2014

SYF Cheer Championships

Luther Burbank High School

December 14, 2014

USA Regional Qualifier

Moraga, CA

January 10, 2015

USA Regional Qualifier
Fair Oaks, CA

January 17, 2015


Roseville, CA

February 28, 2015

USA Nationals

Anaheim, CA (Disneyland)

2014-15 Cheer Competition Schedule


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Participation in the 56th Annual
Carmichael Elks Independence 
Day Parade

An AMAZING turn-out, representing DCJC. In addition, just a huge showing of the high-school. 

Here is a portion of the video that aired on AccessSacramento. Includes an interview with our Cheer Director, Ann Cravens.

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