Football Contacts

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Athletic Director

Clarence Huddleston

Football Parent Coordinator

Ian Vera

​​​​​​​​​​​2023 Football Coaching Staff

8 & Under:

Head Coach

Ty Franklin

Assistant Coaches

Johnny Watts

Armondo Gonzalez

Terrence Dorsey

Eric Andrade

10 & Under:
Head Coach

Alex Watts

Assistant Coaches

Tony Gonzalez

Matt Petersen

Jason Scott

12 & Under:

Head Coach
Isaiah Belton

Assistant Coaches
Altron Lee

Desmond Johnson

Jared Brown

Derias Franklin

14 & Under:

Head Coach
Martin Diez

Assistant Coaches
Matthew Wright

Kevin McArthur

Division Age/Weight Classifications

Click HERE to view/download a copy of the SYF Football Rules.

Ages and Weights – All Players must meet the Age / Weight limits. The player’s age as of August 1st of the current year shall determine team level of participation. Player weight will determine position eligibility, i.e. skilled player, X-Man. Any player weighing heavier than the skilled player weight will then be certified to participate as an X-Man only.

6U - 87 LBS
8U - 106 LBS
10U - 155 LBS
12U - 179 LBS 
14U - unlimited

*SP = Skilled Player, Eligible to participate anywhere on the field of play.

X-Man = A player weighing more than the SP weights. Eligible to participate on the offensive line within the Free Blocking zone. Eligible to participate on the Defensive line within the free blocking zone; may advance the ball during a fumble or interception. May participate on Kick off and Kick off return teams on the front line only. X-Man will be encouraged to wear a jersey number in the 60s, 70s, so as to be easily recognizable to the officials. X-Man is allowed to be punter and kicker on special teams. Xman will wear SYF authorized (Only) sticker on the rear of the helmet. Starting in 2014 Cut Blocking was eliminated at all levels, for safety reasons.    

Football Registration Information

Cash, money orders, or Credit/Debit cards will only be accepted. There will be a fee of 3% added to those paying by card. No checks are accepted.       

Football Registration: **350**

The price includes one jersey, game socks, practice gear and season gear that needs to be returned (helmet, shoulder pads, pants, belt, chin strap and equipment bag).
Fundraising options are offered.

Parent Deposit: **$200**

All parents/guardians  are required to pay a $200 parent volunteer deposit. The deposit shall be returned at the season year-end party if all parent hours are completed. You may also opt-out of your parent volunteer obligations for the year. The cost of the opt-out is $200.

Equipment Deposit **$150**

All parents/guardians are required to pay a $150 equipment deposit. The deposit shall be returned after the season year-end party and upon receipt of all equipment being returned.

You are not able to opt-out of this cost.

Fundraiser Deposit **$50**

All parents/guardians are required to pay an additional $50 fundraising deposit. Sell 5 Raffle Tickets for $10 each to make your Fundraiser Deposit back. Additional tickets can be purchased/sold to increase odds of winning.

Once you have completed the online registration portion, incremental payments can be made online, via Venmo, or make a payment at any of the Sunday Camp dates. Please note that you can also raise money to offset the cost of your registration. Details and arrangements can be made at any one of the walk-in dates and times.

Practices start in July.

DCJC offers online credit card payments, Venmo, and Zelle. All deposits and fees will need to be paid prior to the start of the season. DCJC will only accept cash, money order, credit and/or debit cards (a 3% fee will be added for use of cards) for the 2023 season. No personal checks will be accepted. Please check the calendar for walk-in dates and times, there are two every month. 

**Cost of registration covers administrative fees, operation cost, upgrades, maintenance, re-certification of equipment and replacement, insurance, game days, uniform replacement, filing fees, facility usage usage fees, video services, field lining, trophies, medals, special events, USA fees, SYF fees, SYF compliance of mandatory background checks of all board members, committee members, and coaches. DCJC board and committee members receive no monetary compensation they do receive discount on registration fees. Coaches receive a  coaches discount. DCJC is a 100% volunteer program. DCJC is a non-for-profit organization. The men and women comprised of the DCJC board, committees, and their families have committed themselves and time to you, your children, and the community.


Concussion Rule,

Policy and Guidelines

Click HERE to view our guidelines as adopted by SYF and DCJC.

Education is the first step to help players lessen the chance for concussion.

Coaches and parents should know what to look for on and off the field and encourage everyone to learn the signs and symptoms of concussion. Topics include

  • What is a Concussion?
  • Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion
  • What to do When a Concussion Occurs 

Additional information can be found on the Heads Up website:

(916) 544-0334